Our Values

‘Our values drive us. They are the core beliefs that enable The Wellbeing Collective to thrive.’

Amy Hobson, CEO of The Wellbeing Collective

Every conversation counts, so we are courageous and compassionate

For us at TWBC, we are conscious of the power of communication, however brief an exchange is, we believe it can help and so we grab those opportunities to do good.

Every action can add value so we mindfully do our part

We know that words need to be followed up with action and so we work tirelessly to ensure what we do and what we say work in harmony to make a genuine difference

Everyone is worth hearing, so we amplify quiet voices

By taking time to really listen we build rapport and gain trust, its  then that peoples voices can be heard loud and clear with a confidence and clarity impossible to ignore

Everyone benefits from kindness, so we are generous

Our team choose kindness as a way of life and we know that by being generous with our time, compassion and experience that we get to be part of better outcomes

Everything can be better, so we learn with a passion

Everyone we meet and every situation we find ourselves offers us learning,  we know that it’s this learning from each other that will build the sustainable future we need.

Everything is possible, so we grasp ingenuity with enthusiasm

TWBC is built on thousands of tiny thoughts that seed ideas and finally create innovation and growth, in us, in others and in places, what’s not to be enthusiastic about?