Welcome to TWBC

 The Wellbeing Collective was created as the result of many hundreds of thousands of  interactions, connections, relationships and human dynamics that I experienced during my life as an employee, a nurse, a change agent, a manager and as a leader.

The enormity of human potential has always inspired me and there is no better job in the world for me and my TWBC colleagues than to be involved in the growth of the people and places that experience complexity and possibility.

Over the last 6 years our company has remained true to its core values and never deviates from the ethical principles on which it was founded, these principles are set out in the form of four questions we ask ourselves when embarking on any piece of work,

  1. Do our values align with the values and cultural aspirations of the client?

2. Can we do what the client is asking for, really really well?

3. Do the benefits for all involved in the work outweigh the risks?

4. Will the work bring learning, opportunities and development?

Since April 2014 we have worked with incredible people in many complex places. 

Each piece of coaching, facilitation, teaching or change work we undertake is unique and can have a powerful impact on the learning, growth and achievement of the people involved. 

We are very proud to be part of making a positive difference and while we still can we will.

Please get in touch and perhaps we can start a new conversation?

Amy Hobson, CEO of The Wellbeing Collective


Our Services

 The Wellbeing Collective (TWBC) facilitates the development of individuals, teams, services organisations and systems with integrity.

As a Collective we bring together talented consultants, each with an expert set of skills, subject matter knowledge and experience.

We have a reputation for high-quality, co-produced outcomes and every aspect of our work is tailored to meet your needs.